Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Get a load of this...

I had to cringe in frustration when I saw this post on Davids Medienkritik. Apart from the incredibly racist overtones of the article and picture (which appeared in the German weekly magazine Stern) - I simply find it hard to believe a well-intentioned and honest journalist could come up with such despicable material - I also consider it very irritating that millions of Germans regularly read this stuff and actually think it reflects reality. Ironically they believe "ignorant Americans" uncritically accept whatever Bush tells them is the truth and don't realize that it is actually they who are being brain-washed. As I live in Brussels, from time to time I come in contact with such people and what I find most frustrating is that often it seems we live in parallel universes: the sources we respectively use to shape our Weltanschauung are so radically different that with the best of intentions there simply cannot be any significant exchange of ideas.

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