Monday, February 21, 2005

Where is our sense of proportion?

Among other things, first page news in Europe today include the resignation of Ruud Lubbers. I certainly do not know if the allegations are true, but even if they were, wouldn't it make sense to focus more on this (via Instapundit)? An unknown number of UN peace-keepers may have raped and abused girls in their care and we worry about whether a UN bureaucrat sexually harassed an employee with a cushy job in Geneva? Not that this is not an important issue to pursue and Lubbers should certainly be held accountable if proven guilty, but how come this:

The controversy began when a 51-year-old female administrator filed charges against Lubbers in May 2004 for grabbing her by the waist at a December 2003 meeting at the UNHCR's Geneva headquarters. She said he pressed his groin against her. (Washington Post)

is focused on more than this:

The UN has since admitted that some of its peacekeepers regularly raped, abused and prostituted children in their care. (…) The UN has known about these abuses for some time but is only now scrambling to respond to the charges. (The Age) ?

And anyway why isn't the UN peace-keepers scandal being discussed as much as Abu Ghraib scandal? Is it just because American troops are not involved?

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