Friday, March 18, 2005

Gender feminist exposed

I am a big fan of Christina Hoff Sommers and her book Who Stole Feminism?, so I was fascinated by the recent Estrich/Kinsley spat that everyone is talking about. For the story see this, this and this (via City Journal).
See Anne Applebaum's latest witty offering in the Washington Post (via Instapundit). And here is a great post (via Asymmetrical Information) with all the latest and links to interesting articles. What stood out particularly for me was this wonderful piece by Heather Mac Donald which closes with this interesting point:

Depressingly, Estrich’s crusade, no matter how bogus, will undoubtedly bear fruit. Anyone in a position of power today, facing accusations of bias and the knowledge that people are using crude numerical measures to prove his bias, will inevitably start counting beans himself, whether consciously or not. Michael Kinsley could reassure every female writer out there that Estrich has not cowed him by publishing only men for the next six months. It would be an impressive rebuff to Estrich’s blackmail. I’ll happily forgo the opportunity to appear in the Times for a while in order to get my pride back. (emphasis mine)

A noble sentiment indeed, which underlines the absurdity of Estrich's claims that she is out to help other women.

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