Thursday, March 03, 2005

This should make your blood boil.

In recent times, thankfully, public attention has increasingly focused on so-called "honor killings," a despicable and hair-raising practice in which Muslim girls are murdered by their own family members if they "stain the family honor." Apparently the practice is condoned in many countries in the Muslim world and is very difficult to catch, let alone root out, in the West because many members of close-knit Islamic communities have great respect for the perpetrators.
A great article to start with (via Instapundit) appeared in Tech Central Station. Also see this in Der Spiegel on a by-now famous case that took place recently in Berlin. Another chilling account can be found here in the Daily Telegraph.
In a related vein there was an outstanding article in February's issue of Commentary about what happens when Muslims try to convert to another religion. (See here for an exerpt.) Some of the statements by respected, visible and apparently Westernized Muslims quoted in that article simply boggle the mind - this is a must read!
I am all for multiculturalism and tolerance but this is a nauseating practice that must be stamped out and eradicated with the full force of the tools at our disposal: the perpetrators must be hunted down and punished, and the accomplices and silent bystanders must be prosecuted and given maximum sentences. Western states must step in and provide a safe haven for the potential victims and most of all the public must be made aware of the sickening acts that have been allowed to take place in our midst. I cannot imagine anybody, from any shade of the respectable political spectrum, countenancing such barbarity and it is for this reason that I really hope that the increased interest of the public will snowball into real and actual solutions.

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