Friday, May 06, 2005

Howard, Bush ... and now Blair

I am quite happy with the results of the British election. It's great that Blair actually got re-elected, and I think it is good that the Conservatives are back on the horizon (provided they become more Thatcherite, and less nombrilistes about immigration and hunting...) so they can be an effective and healthy opposition. I am sorry about the gains the Liberal Democrats have made, but as they are lower than polls predicted, I can only be relieved. I do not think their political star will continue to rise - as long as they remain unelectable.
Reactions are amusing as usual: let the spin begin! For instance, the reader comment that is highlighted on the election front page at the Beeb:
“The public has spoken. Iraq was a mistake” Martin Phillips, Oxford, UK
At the moment it is reported that about 88% of the electorate voted for parties that supported the Iraq war (for whatever reason). That doesn't sound like a very strong signal to me... (see Instapundit).

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