Monday, May 02, 2005


It is becoming increasingly clear that the Italian authorities bungled Giuliana Sgrena's rescue operation, and that the driver of the car was speeding (not surprising: we Italians love to speed and always do), and therefore unable to stop at the US checkpoint at short notice. CBS News even reports (via Captain's Quarters; Instapundit) that there is satellite evidence that they were travelling at more than 60 miles (96 km) per hour - on a muddy road, which is well known for being the most dangerous in the world, and on which there are many checkpoints. What were they thinking? At any rate, it is nice to see that BBC News is reporting all sides of the story (just joking).
It is understandable that the Italian authorities will contest the US report, because it makes them look bad. However, accusing the US of suppressing evidence really is the outside of enough. Just looking at the pictures of the car after the incident must prove that Ms. Sgrena at best has a patchy memory of the incident. I also find it amusing that everyone who was criticizing the US before, continues to do so unfazed, but has suddenly stopped talking about the speed the car was travelling at.

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