Friday, May 13, 2005

Well done

In a rare show of courage an Italian state-TV channel (Rai 2) yesterday aired part of the movie Submission (follow link to see a clip; go here for a download and background) by murdered Dutch film director Theo van Gogh (via lgf). This is a victory for free speech, considering the intimidation that was involved. Rai is the first foreign national TV channel to air clips from the film and I hope that it is further distributed and seen by as many people as possible.
It is high time that the treatment of women in Islamist regimes and enclaves be condemned and that there be an increased focus on this problem. The overly dramatic reaction of some Muslims would be absurd even if the accusations were totally unwarranted (which clearly they aren't). If Christianity and Judaism, for instance, can be freely and forcefully criticised (as it should be everyone's right to do), then I don't see why Islam should be any different.

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