Thursday, June 23, 2005

Condi for President

Less than a year into Bush's second term it is a little early to start thinking of the 2008 US Presidential elections. However, while reading the comments to this post, I couldn't resist the temptation of picturing a Hillary/Condi contest. For a host of reasons Condoleezza Rice would be my ideal candidate, as well as being in an optimal position to win the Presidency, even against Hillary. Here is a roundup of the various supporters' websites. I think it is a safe assumption that such a scenario is only realistic if over the next year and a half, Dick Cheney steps aside and is replaced by her. That would give her two to three years of "executive" experience that would give her the knowledge, image and position from which to successfully vault herself into the Presidency.
I know this sounds pathetic, but the mere prospect makes me giddy!
By the way, here are some level headed critical comments on recent Hillary bashing, and an equally level-headed defense by the author of the book in question.

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