Monday, July 18, 2005

Osama's worst nightmare

The (London) Times (via Instapundit) has an interesting profile of Irshad Manji, the lesbian Muslim author of The Trouble with Islam Today.
Irshad Manji has already been dubbed ‘Osama’s worst nightmare’ for her criticisms of Islam. Now she wants Britain’s Muslims to stand more firmly on the side of freedom.
No wonder Irshad Manji has received death threats since appearing on British television: she is a lipstick lesbian, a Muslim and scourge of Islamic leaders, whom she accuses of making excuses about the terror attacks on London. Oh, and she tells ordinary Muslims to “crawl out of their narcissistic shell”. Ouch.
Do read the whole thing. Islamist's reactions alone prove that there is something wrong in their fanatical interpretation of Islam. It is heartening that Manji is increasingly being taken notice of in Great Britain, and I wonder whether the British Muslim community will react differently to her, than how they did during the Salman Rushdie controversy.

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