Saturday, July 09, 2005

Up yours!

The Telegraph has an opinion poll (via USS Neverdock) Britons can really be proud of.

The perpetrators of Thursday's atrocities are living in a fantasy world if they think the British people can be intimidated by terrorism, let alone converted to Islam.
The findings of YouGov's survey show they are equally deluded if they think they can drive a wedge either between Britain and the United States or between most Britons and their Muslim fellow countrymen.
The response of Tony Blair and his ministers to the attacks has clearly boosted the standing of both. Early this year, twice as many people said they were dissatisfied with Mr Blair as Prime Minister as said the opposite. In the aftermath of Thursday's bombings, Mr Blair's approval rating has flipped from negative to positive for the first time in five years.
Moreover, the bombings have failed - despite Mr George Galloway's best efforts - to undermine support for the British presence in Iraq. The proportion wanting British troops brought home quickly has fallen and the proportion who now want Britain to retain its close ties with the US has risen.
It is comforting to discover some rational people living in the EU.
UPDATE: Here (via Tim Worstall) is an awe inspiring story:
As I watched people go through the ticket barrier today, a young guy came up and his face was covered in a sort of mask. I said hello. It turns out that he was one of the survivors who was in a train that got bombed on 7/7/05. In the same car as the bomb when it went off...
I asked where he was going, tried to make sure he got on the right train, and all that. He said he was not sure. Just wanted to go down in the Tube. "Even if I only go one stop" he told me, "I just want to get on and do it. I can't let what happened just take over."

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