Monday, August 15, 2005

German disaster

The German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, who barely won his last election in 2002 by fuelling and riding a wave of anti-Americanism in the face of the war in Iraq is at it again. There really is no nice way to put this: either Schroeder is an opportunist or an idiot, and I daresay he is both. The only way that diplomatic negotiations with Iran can hope to reach a marginally successful outcome is if they are backed up with credible threats and Schroeder has managed to communicate quite clearly that these will not be forthcoming, therefore dooming the whole process. I didn't realize he preferred the Israeli solution.
I think Schroeder is the worse leader any European country has had in recent times and it is for this reason that I dread what is the talk of the moment - a grand coalition in which Schroeder's SPD would become the junior partner of Angela Merkel's CDU. Schroeder's economic policy has been a disaster and he runs one of the most revolting foreign policies of any Western nation: vigorous opposition to anything America does, strong support and solidarity for Putin and China, including support for raising the Chinese arms embargo (while China explicitly threatens Taiwan, an independent democracy, with invasion and still glorifies a leader that killed an estimated 70 million of its people). All this with the cooperation of the German media, that evidetly have no interest in representing the world in a fair and realistic light. The earlier Schroeder is gotten rid of the better, so I'll cling to the hope that the German people award the CDU-FDP coalition a majority.

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