Thursday, September 22, 2005

There is still no connection

Here is an excellent article which debunks recent claims in Science and Nature that there is evidence that there is a higher incidence of strong cyclones correlated to global warming.
A scientific team led by Peter Webster of the Georgia Institute of Technology today published findings in Science magazine. The team claimed to have found evidence in the historical record of both more tropical cyclones, such as Hurricane Katrina, but also a higher percentage of more intense ones.
This follows on the heels of Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Kerry Emanual proclaiming in the Aug. 4 on-line edition of Nature magazine that he had found evidence that global warming in the last 30 years was producing more intense cyclones.
The conclusion many draw from papers such as these is that anthropogenic global warming from the burning of fossil fuels by humans is causing more lethal storms. A closer look, though, reveals not human actions but rather natural cycles are the primary cause.
Much has already been written concerning the findings of Emanuel, and their potential shortcomings, both by myself and others. So, in this article, let's focus on the results this week in Science.
Do read the whole thing. With all the vile talk there has been about global warming and how it is a fitting punishment for the US, it is important to dispel these myths, which are ultimate proof that the looney left is incredibly hypocritical: when no evidence is found of presence of massive WMD programs in Iraq it is certain that there were none but when there is no evidence that anthropogenic carbon emissions cause global warming and stronger hurricanes it is suddenly certain that this is the case.

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