Monday, October 31, 2005

Who's lying?

Captain's Quarters has a thorough explanation of why Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame have no credibility and are certainly not the victims of Plamegate:
The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence made this quite clear in their unanimous report on the use of intelligence leading up to the Iraq war. Plame didn't get dragged into this controversy by the Bush administration -- she initiated the entire event by getting her husband a job to investigate the Niger data, based on the CIA's curiousity about the British intelligence on the subject.
If anyone other than Plame bears responsibility for Plame's outing, it's her martyr-playing husband, Joe Wilson. As I've written before, Wilson repeatedly lied about how he got his assignment and why. The SSCI did not get fooled.
None of this should consist of breaking news to anyone -- anyone, that is, except the addled Wolf Blitzer at CNN. I have plenty more at my earlier post explaining why Joe Wilson has absolutely no credibility on WMD or Niger, and how his wife played a key role, if possibly unwitting, in getting false information leaked to the press through her loudmouth husband. The notion of either of them as victims is laughably absurd.
Do read the whole thing. It is meticulously argued and puts Plamegate into much-needed perspective.

Post Scriptum:
Also see this excellent Gateway Pundit post (via Instapundit) which underlines why it was important for the public to know who this Joe Wilson guy was and how he got involved.

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