Thursday, November 17, 2005

Quote of the day

From Instapundit reader Jeff Medcalf:
It seems to me that the Left's position is inconsistent: if WP (White Phosphorus) rounds are WMD, then Saddam clearly had massive WMD stockpiles, and the war was justified.
See here and here for background.
Meanwhile the White House is finally back amongst the living, and Tammy Bruce (the "openly gay, pro-choice, gun owning, pro-death penalty, voted-for-President Bush progressive feminist" author, activist and radio talk show host) makes an excellent historical comparison (via Instapundit):
Think about it this way--if during World War II the Republicans kept arguing that the war was a "quagmire" and that President Roosevelt "lied" about Pearl Harbor, and that the Germans had done nothing to us, as a result he had "misled" us into the war. Then they would be asking for a "time table" to get out of Europe. Does that sound normal to you? Or reasonable? Or does it sound like a defeatist, Hate-America first attitude?
Here is the time table for all war: it ends when the enemy is vanguished. The time table for Europe was when the Axis Powers all eventually surrendered. It's now obscene what the Dems are doing and has moved far past the "loyal opposition" expected of the minority.
It's about time the White House respond to the absurdity of the Dems. Their attacks are not only absurd, they put this entire nation in increasing danger as our enemies look for more ways to kill our families and destroy civilization. This is not a game, but the Dems are treating it as though it were. Shame on them.
Amen to that. Not to mention the fact that it is still far from clear what actually happened to the WMD programs that we know for certain Saddam Hussein at some point had.

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