Saturday, December 17, 2005

Italian perspicuity

I usually don't speak to strangers and keep myself to myself. I was tempted to say something, though, when I was recently browsing in Waterstone's flagship book-store in Piccadilly. I overheard two Italian women who were looking at some books and commenting loudly (no surprise there). At one point one said to the other "Che bello questo libro. Eh, ma è tutto scritto in inglese..." which means "This book is very nice. But it's all written in English...". Hmmm, how strange... I wonder why.
To say the least Jacques de la Palisse would have been proud, no doubt.


corpodibacco said...

Far from me defending italians against everything, but, if only for the sake of the argument, this obviously has nothing to do with them being italians.
They're - clearly - simple tourists. What's wrong if they have a little of the freshness and naivety of the not professional traveler? From what I get of your story, I feel more symphaty for them, and not because they're italians but because they're naive, which is a good, rare ol' thing.
We all know how tourists are, how all we, as tourists, can be percieved.
You would never believe the things I overheard from foreign tourists in Venice and everywhere in Italy.
Phrases that could one day be used to interpret the point of view of some extraterrestial super being from outer space trying to grasp human lifestyle without a clue.

a. kvetch said...

You are absolutely right: I was just being snarky...