Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Relaxing Sunday

On Sunday I went to see the Imperial War Museum, which, on top of a fascinating collection of military weapons (including the remains of the Messerschmitt with which Rudolf Hess crash-landed in Scotland in 1941, and a German V2 missile), has several very interesting permanent exhibits ranging from overviews of WW I and II, the Holocaust, D-Day and the Secret Services. Though I spent the whole afternoon there, the only collections I managed to look at thoroughly were the one on weapons and a smaller exhibit on the people who have won the Victoria Cross or the George Cross, which was quite awe-inspiring. I walked through the others, which all look very detailed and interesting, and I am determined to return soon.
The evening turned out to be movie night. I went to a friend of mine's house, and as we plan to go see the new Producers movie this week in the cinema, we watched the original movie on DVD, which was very amusing. After that, the BBC was showing The Gathering Storm, a biographical film about Winston Churchill, and we watched that too. The acting was excellent and Churchill's story was as compelling as ever.
As a tube strike had been called, I was afraid I would have trouble getting home, but service seemed to be as good as usual (as was the case on Monday morning) and I got home without a hitch. I even went to do a bit of grocery shopping at the 24-hour Tesco around the corner from my house, which is always fun at 1 in the morning.

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