Wednesday, February 22, 2006

And if the West rioted?

The Times has a very amusing (or is it sad?) humorous piece on what the world would be like if the West behaved the way the Arab world has over the cartoon issue:
News stories in al-Ahram (Cairo)
Bookseller shot dead in Poland, by teenager shouting: "For God, and the Pope!"
Ten killed in Lisbon Dan Brown riots, when police opened fire on mob ransacking the Canadian Embassy. "We thought he was Canadian," says riot leader.
Violence in northwest London as Jews go on rampage against Holocaust denial in Muslim countries. Kebab restaurants and curry houses ablaze from the Finchley Road to Edgware.
Iranian and Syrian embassies and consulates attacked in 20 cities worldwide. Iranian Embassy destroyed in Canberra. Australian Government describes violence as "regrettable, but understandable".
Reuters report from Berlin
"German Chancellor Angela Merkel today caused alarm in diplomatic circles when she called for the Netherlands to be 'wiped from the face of the earth'." She went on, "The establishment of the Dutch regime was a move by the world oppressor against the Catholic world."
Summary of an article in French government newspaper, Le Monde
The Netherlands may have created the avian flu virus in order to damage the economies of Europe, and cleverly planted it first in the Far East to divert attention away from the real plan.
Do read the whole thing. Maybe if we went around threatening (and perpetrating) violence and rioted like crazed lunatics we'd get more things done too! (NB: Obviously, I'm being facetious.)

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