Friday, February 17, 2006

Religiously European

There are interesting comments at Instapundit about political polarization. Among other things Glenn links to an article he wrote for the Guardian a few years ago. One sentence caught my eye:
The language of righteousness and sin, if not that of redemption and grace, remains a hallmark of the purportedly secular left, though I find it no more attractive than the language of the religious right.
I don't fit into the religious right or the religious left. But, in America, you don't get to choose a major political party that does not have some sort of religious strain to it.
I imagine that no implication is intended, but just to clarify I would like to point out that in Europe the situation is no different. Au contraire, it is much worse: a good part of the political-cultural establishment in Europe also has its gospel, which is often much more absurd, entrenched and pernicious than anything you generally see in America.

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