Friday, February 03, 2006

A strike worth supporting

I'm generally not a fan of strikes and labor unions, to put it mildly. However here is a strike to which I would give my heartfelt support (via Harry's Place):
Hundreds of "Tehran's Collective Bus Company" (TCBC) drivers, technicians and workers will stay home, this upcoming Friday, in order to protest against the brutal repression of their peaceful actions and the mistreatment of their colleagues and family members.
Hundreds of TCBC employees were arrested and tens, including wives and children, were wounded following last Saturday's strike, by brutal Islamist militiamen and Islamic regime's plain clothes' agents. Most of the arrested are kept in section 240 of the infamous Evin political jail and several of them have been put in solitary confinement in order to make false confessions on links with foreign intelligence.
The Greater Tehran has approximately around 12 millions of inhabitants and many are supportive of the strikers. Most workers and governmental employees, such as teachers, are openly supporting the bus drivers and tracts are widely distributed in order to condemn the regime.
I hope they prevail. And I'd like to know where the media is on this story.

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