Thursday, March 16, 2006

A universal answer: it must be global warming!

Different River makes an interesting point about global warming:
So, if you are a global warming believer, then if temperatures go up it’s because of global warming – and if temperatures go down, it’s also because of global warming. There is no conceivable, let alone actual, evidence that might indicate there is not global warming. No matter what happens, it’s because of global warming.
Global warming is thus inherently unfalsifiable – which means it is not a scientific theory. The most basic requirement for a scientific theory is that it must be in principal falsifiable – that is, it must make some prediction which, if found to be untrue, would be regarded even by the promoter(s) of the theory as evidence that the theory is wrong. The Theory of Gravity is like this. It predicts that things will fall down, unless supported by something – your hand, a table, or in the case of hot-air balloons, denser air. If you drop a bowling ball and it doesn’t fall down, that would be proof that the Theory of Gravity is wrong. Even Isaac Newton would have accepted that proof. But with global warming, there is nothing you can imagine – let along that has actually occured – that would be regarded as a disproof of the global warming theory.
Do read the whole thing, in which he quotes an amusing Clayton Cramer post:
I suspect that the "Global Warming" fantasy will continue until polar bears start to eat environmentalists at global warming conferences in Miami.
But Different River thinks that not even this will stop them...

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