Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mine your own business

The Telegraph (via Tim Worstall):
An unemployed Romanian miner who is flown across the globe to confront environmental activists is the unlikely star of a Michael Moore-style film, aimed at debunking the militant green movement.
Gheorghe Lucian, 23, is a plain-speaking resident of an impoverished village where an opencast gold mine is planned. He is dismayed that the project, which would bring a £400 million investment and generate 600 jobs in an area where unemployment is 70 per cent, is being blocked by environmentalists.
Among them is the actress Vanessa Redgrave, who used a film festival awards ceremony in June to denounce the mine project in the Rosia Montana region of Romania. "Our planet is dying and we have no right to destroy an ecosystem," she said.
The movie is called Mine Your Own Business and the official site is here. The Sydney Morning Herald has an interesting review. And here's the trailer:

Also see this essay in Sp!ked:
[...] This jaw-dropping example of the low horizons informing the work of many environmentalists is captured very well in a new documentary, Mine Your Own Business, by Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney.
McAleer, a journalist from Northern Ireland, began to question his own environmentalist sympathies when posted to Romania by the Financial Times in 2000, especially when he investigated the campaign to prevent the opening of an opencast gold mine in the village of Rosia Montana in the Transylvanian mountains. I have also been to the village and my research on the proposed goldmine and the environmentalist opposition to it echoes many of the findings of McAleer’s film (see 'If the gold mine doesn’t happen, our village will die').
Do read the whole thing.

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