Tuesday, December 05, 2006

When it pays to be gay

This must be the funniest argument in favour of gay unions I have ever heard. GayandRight says:
Another reason why gay marriage is important...
and quotes the following story from the Washington Blade:
Michael Kopper, 41, the gay former Enron Corp. executive who became the first to plead guilty to financial crimes among the company's top management, was sentenced Nov. 17 to three years and one month in prison. Judge Ewing Werlein, of the U.S. District Court in Houston, also sentenced Kopper to two years probation and ordered him to pay a $50,000 fine.
The sentencing came four years after Kopper, who lives in Houston, pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy after he admitted that he and his domestic partner, William Dodson, stole about $16.5 million from Enron and its shareholders. Kopper cooperated in the government's investigation into the massive financial scandal that rocked Wall Street and resulted in Enron’s bankruptcy. The Enron collapse also resulted in the loss of millions of dollars to company shareholders and employee pension funds.
Although authorities forced Kopper to return $8 million to the government and to relinquish his rights to another $4 million through forfeiture proceedings, Dodson has been allowed to keep $9 million in funds that Kopper helped him obtain through Enron-related scams. The fact that U.S. and Texas laws do not recognize same-sex relationships most likely prompted authorities against going after Dodson's financial gains in the Enron affair, financial observers have said. Federal prosecutors forced the married spouses of several Enron figures to forfeit money they obtained in schemes operated jointly with Enron executives.
I bet the shareholders are not amused, but you can't deny the irony of it all.

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