Monday, April 11, 2005

Have kids and go nuclear!

See this absolutely outstanding article in MIT's Technology Review (via Gay and Right).

Over the next ten years, I predict, the mainstream of the environmental movement will reverse its opinion and activism in four major areas: population growth, urbanization, genetically engineered organisms, and nuclear power.

I like the reasonable tone and the idealistic but practical approach. I hope these reversals take place sooner rather than later. In particular, while population shrinking is not a problem yet on a global basis, I have gotten a taste of where we are heading and I am not looking forward to it: Italy has one of the lowest birth-rates in the world. Apart from a host of purely cultural and social issues this raises it should be noted that the Italians pay a payroll tax rate of 32.7% just for retirement and disability programs!
Another issue I hope will get more attention soon is nuclear energy. I hate how everybody talks about
  • Kyoto (if all Western countries adhered and lived up to their commitments, the effect on global warming would be negligible and the World economy would be in recession)
  • Wind energy (apart from the fact that it is way not commercially viable, am I the only one who has noticed how ugly and noisy those massive fans are?)
  • Other assorted energy sources (all pies in the sky for the moment)

as if they were realistic solutions and spits on nuclear energy. We need to go nuclear as soon as possible: Now!

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