Friday, April 15, 2005

Have you no shame?

The height of chutzpah: after being shamefully implicated in the Oil-for-Food scandal, Kofi Annan is making out as if the US and the UK had been responsible for its mismanagement. He should be aware that
  • the program was run by the UN itself (under the supervision of Annan's trusted colleague Benon Sevan) and not the Security Council
  • and the US and UK had been opposed for years to attempts (supported by Annan) making it even easier to game the system.

At the same time the BBC has the impertinence to give the misleading (and absurd) impression that Bush is somehow implicated in the scandal by gleefully reporting that a Texan oil tycoon, David Chalmers, has been indicted. Did they not think it might be a good idea to mention that Chalmers was a vocal critic of the war in Iraq and did his best to impede it? When are we going to hear praise for Bush for the fact that he did not allow economic concerns to influence his judgement?
By the way the big news here, that the BBC obviously won't mention, is that while the Americans and Britons involved in the Oil-for-Food scandal have been indicted, the French and Italian individuals who were involved, haven't been - and probably never will be.

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