Sunday, May 29, 2005

Human Rights

It is a tragedy of the first order that Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, which should be working to protect and defend human rights worldwide, should be so influenced by biases and prejudices that they have completely lost their ability and moral authority to properly carry out their mission. It is very disturbing to observe the rabid hatred of the US and total lack of proportion that has been taken up by these organizations. An excellent example is the recently released report "The state of the world's human rights" by Amnesty International. A gulag? Do these people even know what a gulag is? See AtlanticBlog and GayandRight for further comments.
Here is an example of a fair-minded and damning critique of the abuses that have taken place under the US Army (via Instapundit). These actions need to be exposed, condemned and rectified as far as possible. It is too bad that those (like me) who care about these things cannot count on two of the most important organizations in this field to be fair-minded, trustworthy, proportionate and constructive. Also see Indepundit for an interesting perspective (via Instapundit).

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