Friday, November 04, 2005

Have you no shame?

Another "honor killing" in Europe:
A father and his two sons have been found guilty of murdering his daughter's boyfriend in an "honour killing" after she became pregnant.
Arash Ghorbani-Zarin, 19, was found stabbed 46 times in a car in Rosehill, Oxford, on 20 November last year.
The Iranian Muslim had been studying at Oxford Brookes University.
Chomir Ali, 44, was found guilty of ordering sons Mohammed Mujibar Rahman, 19, and Mamnoor Rahman, 16, to kill Mr Ghorbani-Zarin, at Oxford Crown Court.
During the trial, the court heard the two sons killed Mr Ghorbani-Zarin due to the "shame and dishonour" brought on the family by his relationship with Manna Begum.
What I don't understand is this: is there no "shame and dishonor" in murder? Why are these people not (at least) spat on and shunned within their own community? And where are the protesters? Is this not something worth decrying and protesting over?
Unfortunately these ghastly "honor killings" take place all over Europe. And the Paris riots underscore what happens when you ignore this kind of lawlessness. When will we start listening to Ayan Hirsi Ali?

Post Scriptum:
The Times has some hair-raising statistics:
  • Police say there is one honour killing a month
  • They are reinvestigating 109 cases of women who disappeared or apparently committed suicide, to see if they were honour killings
  • Women murdered in so-called honour killings come mainly from the Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities but there are cases from Bosnia, Kosovo and Turkey
  • Suicide rates among Asian women aged 16 to 24 are nearly three times the national average, and double for 25 to 35-year olds
  • Police are approached every week by an average of four women or girls who fear they will be victims of 'honour attacks' by family
And note that these are only for the UK.


Splitting Cellos said...

I find myself in total agreement with you on these so-called murders for "shame and dishonor." Where is Amnesty International when these things take place? Oh, but they jump on the U.S. about Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo... of course, the more media the better. I also bring to question how can Iran call for "wiping Israel out of the map," and the UN only call for a session and no comndemnation? I think the world cannot continue to stand by and allow the Muslim world to scream these things out and not be held accountable... I think the problem in the world is hypocracy... the American "political correct" language that doesn't allow people to call things out as they are, but rather liberal pundits calling things as what "they ought to be." At any rate, Shalom!

Splitting Cellos said...

Oh, and I think Europe has a "Muslism" problem... while Paris is burning... the only way to correct things is by fighting back, why all the hypocracy of "we should not stoop down to their level..." And all this while Paris is burning...