Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Torture, Andrew and Instapundit

Because of my legendary laziness I barely ever write to newspapers, bloggers or companies to protest. However this post surprised me so much that I wrote to Andrew. Here is the letter:
Dear Andrew,
in this post you accuse Glenn Reynolds of ignoring or disputing your coverage of the abuse and torture scandal plaguing the US military, because you are gay. I am a regular reader of your blog and of Instapundit, both of which I consider essential reading. Your accusation is unfounded and hysterical (which is ironic - since you make it while denying that you were being hysterical). I am convinced that torture has taken place, and I think it is important that the situation be rectified (see here), however I would like to underline that even for me (and I am not even American) your coverage of the subject has actually been so hysterical that I find it hard to read through it. Its reasoning and tone clearly indicate that you always assume the worst case scenario, and this is very grating. Additionally, for someone who accuses others of obfuscation because their coverage is not in your view "balanced" (eg. on Iraq), your discussions on this subject are amazingly one-sided. At any rate, the contrast with the post which Glenn (and now you) link to could not be clearer.
In light of this I would like to register my shock at your accusation and express my belief that you owe Glenn a public apology.
Best Regards,
Italian Jew
The Armchair View

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